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Future Facilitator Training Dates:

  • Registration open in 2018: March 19-20 in Kansas City, MO



Kit Owner FAQ

Facilitation Logistics

I just got the kit in the mail. It's huge, and I don't know where to start!
In your kit there is a Directors Manual that will have everything you need to get started. In it you will find a planning guide, detailed instructions, as well as a script to conduct the simulation. Also, our staff would be happy to assist you in any in-depth questions that you may have. Please email questions to:
Will you come and do my poverty simulation for me?
We would be happy to discuss options that are available for your poverty simulation. Please contact for more information
How long does the simulation take (for facilitators)?
The experience lasts from four to six plus hours depending on who is putting on the simulation and what outcomes you want to achieve. It includes set up, volunteer orientation, participant registration, an introduction and briefing, the actual simulation exercise, the debriefing period in which participants and volunteer staffers share their feelings and experiences and talk about what they have learned about the lives of people in poverty and clean-up.
Who should we use as volunteers for the resource stations?
We highly recommend that you include low income individuals as part of the volunteers at the resource stations. This empowers people to tell their story and act as the teachers of the participants about the realities of their own life. If you do recruit low income representatives to work in those roles, we suggest offering a small stipend and a meal.
How far in advance should I prepare for the simulation?
We recommend when you are organizing your first simulation to budget around 6 weeks to prepare. In your kit you will receive a detailed planning guide to assist you in the process. As you continue to put one simulations this prep time will greatly reduce.
Am I able to make changes to the simulation?
We encourage you to make the kit relevant to your community. The best way to do this is when you are introducing of the simulation or during the debrief portion to bring up the realities of your community. However, some groups do want to make modifications to the kit and we would be happy to discuss these further with you. Please email with any questions or ideas.

Kit Owner Training + Materials

Do you train people to use the kit?
Yes, we offer twice a year Facilitators training in Missouri. Typically in the fall in St. Louis and the spring in Kansas City. Check above for upcoming training dates. We also offer the training at your worksite for groups of 15 or larger. If you would like to learn more about this option, please contact
A piece of the kit went missing after my last simulation, what do I do?
A compact disk that contains PDF files of all materials so lost items can be reprinted is included in the kit. We highly recommend that when you receive the kit you download those files onto your computer or onto a shared company folder so you have access to them in the future. If you have misplaced that CD please contact for replacements on the printed material. If you are missing props (baby doll, money, etc.) feel free to replace with generic products that can be found at dollar stores, amazon, or eBay.
I am unable to make any of the upcoming facilitator trainings. Are you able to come to me and put on a training?
We would be happy to discuss options that are available for onsite Community Action Poverty Simulation facilitation training. Please contact for more information.

Connecting with Other Facilitators

Is there a way to connect with other kit owners?
Yes! We have a Facebook page and a LinkedIn group. Current kit owners and facilitators connect to strategize and share tips and tricks with the LinkedIn group. Scroll down to see the links and sign up!
Are there other kits in my state?
We have kits in 48 of the 50 states! Plus most Canadian providences as well as Singapore and New Zealand! If you are looking at connecting with other kit owners in your state please contact for a list.


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